Visualizing Abolition and Freedom

— Funders —

Artists@Grinnell and Faulconer Gallery
Center for Humanities
Department of Art and Art History
Institute for Global Engagement, John Chrystal Fund
Office of Facilities Management
Office of the Dean

— Artist’s Visit and Project Development —

David Cook-Martin, former Professor of Sociology and Assistant Vice President for Global Education
Shuchi Kapila, Professor of English and Assistant VP for Global Education and Senior International Officer
Mike Latham, VP for Academic Affairs and Dean of the College
Fredo Rivera (Grinnell College Class of 2006), Assistant Professor of Art History
Lynn Stafford, Senior Program Coordinator, Institute for Global Engagement
Leina’ala Voss (Grinnell College Class of 2019)
Tilly Woodward, Curator of Academic and Community Outreach, Faulconer Gallery
Lesley Wright, Director, Faulconer Gallery

— Cooperating Faculty Partners —

Doug Hess (Grinnell College Class of 1991), Assistant Professor of Political Science and students in his tutorial
Andrew Kaufman, Associate Professor of Art
Sarah Purcell (Grinnell College Class of 1992), L. F. Parker professor of History and students in her course “History 100: Transatlantic Revolution: US, France, Haiti”
Lee Emma Running, Professor of Art and students in her sculpture class

— Fabrication and Installation —

Martin Chamberlin (Grinnell College Class of 2019)
EYP Architects
Corey Hammond, Associate Director, Office of Facilities Management
Joe Lacina, Studio Art Technical Assistant, Department of Art and Art History
Les Ollinger, Associate Director, Facilities Management
Cory Reding, Mechanic II, Facilities Management
Ron Sieck, Mechanic I, Facilities Management
Charles Stepanek, Mechanic I, Facilities Management
Rick Whitney, Assistant Vice President, Facilities Management

— Website and Kiosk—

Amelia Geser (Grinnell College Class of 2019)
Cecilia Knight, Associate Professor, Library
Mackenzie McFate (Grinnell College Class of 2018)
Mark McFate, Digital Library Applications Developer
Liz Rodrigues, Assistant Professor, Library